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Sustainable bags

Reusable and durable carrier bags

The new plastic bag legislation and our responsibility for a better environment have led to increased production of durable and sustainable bags. A lot of retailers have made the switch to eco-friendly carrier bags, and you should too.


Besides its environmentally friendly character, a durable bag has a more luxurious appearance than a basic plastic bag. Sustainable bags can be manufactured from a wide range of natural materials such as jute, canvas or cotton. And not to forget paper: paper bags made from recycled or FSC certified paper can be a great solution when you're opting for sustainable bags.

Types of sustainable bags

  • Paper eco-bags made of paper pulp or FSC paper
  • Canvas bags made of 100% recycled cotton
  • Jute bags made of natural material
  • Eco cotton bags made of responsible cotton

Sustainable bag printing

With the exception of paper bags, all durable bags are printed in PMS screen printing. This means that we can apply your logo or print in up to 6 colours to your non-paper bag. Paper bags come in full-colour offset or flexo print, depending on print run and image type.

Sustainable materials

Sustainability can be about the type of material or about the extent to which a bag can be reused. A truly sustainable eco bag does both: it's made of durable material that lasts a long time and it has the least possible impact on the environment during its production and degradation. Sustainable materials are:

  • cotton
  • jute
  • recycled pulp paper
  • FSC certified paper
  • canvas

Our finishing

We produce durable bags in different sizes and different designs. For smaller runs, we offer durable bags in a number of standard formats. If you are looking for larger quantities, we can manufacture your durable bag entirely to your needs and wishes, in the size, material and version that you prefer.

Order sustainable carrier bags

We can deliver most sustainable carrier bags within 2 weeks, depending on your needs.

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Customized carrier bags for retailers


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Here at Retailbags, we offer printed carrier bags that ensure your customers never forget you after a purchase. Basis paper bags, luxury plastic bags, wine bags, eco shopping bags: we supply all sorts of carrier bags. Just let us know which type of carrier bag you’re looking for, and the material, size or finishing you prefer.

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